Grease and lime remover „Mundus“ 500ml.


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Suitable for a variety of washable surfaces and appliances in the kitchen, bathroom, etc. Effectively cleans limescale from plumbing, chrome-plated surfaces, stainless steel, sinks, showers, baths. Easily removes soap residue and deposits. Also perfectly removes grease and dirt in the kitchen. Thanks to a special formula, you will achieve the desired results quickly and efficiently.
Naudojimas: Užpurkšti valiklio ant valomo paviršiaus ir patrinti kempinėle. Po 5 minučių ir nuplaukite vandeniu. Esant būtinybei procedūrą pakartokite
Attention! Do not use acid-resistant surfaces. Papildoma dokumentacija: Riebalų ir kalkių valiklis Mundus

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